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She was falling down and down into a very deep hole Alice fell quite slowly. She had time to look at the things around her. She looked at the sides of the hole. She could see lots of cupboards and shelves. She took a jar from one of the shelves. The words ORANGE JAM were written it. Alice liked eating jam. but she had never heard of orange jam before. She opened the jar, but it was empty. She put it back carefully.

Down, down, down. Would the fall never come to an end? ‘How many miles have I fallen now?’ she asked herself. ‘I must he getting somewhere near the center of the earth.’ Suddenly, she stopped. She fell on to some dry leaves and sticks.

Alice was not hurt. She jumped up quickly on to her feet. In front of her was another long tunnel. She saw the White Rabbit. He was hurrying down it. Alice ran after him quickly. She heard him say, `Oh dear, oh dear, it is very, very late.’ Then he went round a corner. When Alice got to the corner she couldn’t see him anywhere.

Alice Anime grows smaller

‘What a strange feeling,’ said Alice. ‘Everything seems to be getting bigger. Perhaps I am getting smaller.’ She was getting smaller. She was now only ten inches high. She felt very happy. She was just the right size to go through the little door into that lovely garden.

When she arrived at the door she found she had forgotten to bring the little gold key. When she went back to the table it was too high for her. So she sat down and cried. ‘Well, well, it is silly to cry like that,’ Alice said to herself. ‘Stop crying at once.’

Rabbit Hole Kissanime Cartoon

Then she saw a little glass box under the table. There was a very small cake inside it, with the words EAT ME on it. ‘Well, I’ll eat it,’ said Alice, ‘Perhaps it will make me grow bigger. Then I can reach the key. If it makes me grow smaller, I can go under the door. I’ll get into the garden one way or the other.’

She ate a little of the cake. She put her hand on to the top of her head. She wanted to see which way she was growing. She was quite surprised. Nothing was happening. So, very quickly, she ate the whole cake.
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Today we are going to introduce with a new story about animes. Recommend your kids to get read the Anime Network stories. The story is very famous and poular. All stories will he shared with you. Stay in touch with us for more information as regards of the KissAnime stories.¬† Alice falls down a rabbit’s hole. She has a magical adventure and meets many strange characters. Some of them are:

The dodo was a large bird that could not fly. It lived only on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

The Mad Hatter

A hatter is a person whose job is to make hats. Hatters used a chemical containing mercury. As the hatters worked, they breathed in the chemical. It affected their brains and made them ill. If someone acts crazy, people say that he or she is ‘as mad as a hatter’.

Sometimes the smile was the Cheshire cheese is the last bit eaten the shape of a cat.

The Mock Turtle

The Mock Turtle was not a Teal turtle. ‘Mock’ means ‘fake’ (not real). Turtle soup was very expensive. So people made ‘mock’, or fake, turtle soup. Mock turtle soup was actually made out of a young cow’s head.

About Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll was the pen name of Charles Dodgson. Charles Dodgson was born in 1832 in England. He was a teacher of mathematics.

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One summer day in 1862, Dodgson was out with some friends. They were rowing a boat on the river. It was very hot. They decided to rest in a shady place. Three little girls, Alice, Edith and Lorina Liddell, were with them. While they were resting, ten-year-old Alice asked Dodgson to tell a story. He made up the story as he was telling it. Later, he wrote it down as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The book was very successful. Later, he wrote another book about Alice called Through the Looking Glass.

Dodgson enjoyed word games and puzzles. He used some of them in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. One type of word game he used was a riddle. Here is one of Dodgson’s riddles:

‘Dreaming of apples on a wall, And dreaming often dear, I dreamed, that if I counted all, How many would appear?’

Can you guess the answer? Hint: Look carefully at the words in line 2.

Alice had nothing to do. She was sitting by the river with her big sister. but that was not interesting. Once or twice she looked at the hook her skier was reading. There were no pictures in it. ‘What good is a hook without pictures’!” Alice thought. It was very hot and she fon tired. Thom quite suddenly, she saw a rabbit. It was i white rahhit and it had pink eyes. It ran close by her

This was not very strango. Alice thought. She knew that lots of rabbits lived near the ri \ en. Then Alice heard the rabbit speak. He said to himself, ‘Oh dear, oh dear. I am going to no lido.’ Alice was not too surprised. She thought all animals could speak.

Then the rabbit took a watch out of his coat pocket. He looked at the watch, put it back in his pocket, and hurried on. That did surprise Alice. She had never seen a rabbit wearing a coat before, or using a watch. She stood up quickly and ran across the field after the rabbit. Then she saw it go into a large rabbit hole.

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