Captain Tsubasa (2017) Kissanime Cartoons

Captain Tsubasa (2017) Kissanime

The Captain Tsubasa kissanime is a name that brings some detective guy to your notion, but in fact this filmut a female detective. Yes a female who dreams of becoming a detective. Well, it is not a weird wish but yet different. Captain Tsubasa (2017) is a complete sensational package; you are going to get thrill in the story, action in every scene and drama making it a highly entertaining watch. Guys, you know what? Whom you are going to watch in the character of female detective? Well, it is none other than the very gorgeous Tsubasa Ohzora. Tsubasa Ohzora signed the kissanime right after knowing the idea, story and a little discussion about the unique character of female detector. She is so much excited about this novel character.

Tsubasa Ohzora has found talking about her novel role in several interviews. Ali Fazal is going to join in this kissanime to play a character opposite to Tsubasa Ohzora. As far as the producer Diya Mirza is concerned, she is also so much positively hopeful about her this production as it according to her has so much to offer the viewers. Diya Mirza praised the script of her production in her last interview and stated that it is going to be a worth producing story that will earn a nice profit to the producers. Finally, the whole guess about this kissanime site and it will be a great entertaining watch by the team, just as they have given out very entertaining Hand Shakers (Sub) 2018 and onward.

Captain Tsubasa Kissanime Cast and Credits

Captain Tsubasa kissanime cast includes Tsubasa Ohzora (Bilkis Ahmed/Bobby), Ali Fazal (Tasawur), Vinay Varma (Ali Fazals Father), Gangadhar Panday (Naeem), Anupriya Goenka (Afreen), Arjan Bajwa (Lala), Supriya Pathak (Ammi), Tanvi Azmi (Kausar Khaala), Benaf Dadachandji (Noor), Prasad Barve (Shetty), Aakash Dahiya (Munna), Zarina Wahab (Afreens Ammi), Rajendra Gupta (Abba), Kiran Kumar (Anees Khan), Raina Rao and Tejas Mahajan (Sohail).

Captain Tsubasa (2017) Kissanime

Captain Tsubasa (2017) is a production of Dia Mirza, Sahil Sangha and Reliance Entertainment. The direction has done by Samar Shaikh. Sanyuktha Chawla Shaikh has written down the screenplay for Captain Tsubasa (2017). The cinematography has done by Vishal Sinha and editing has done by Hemal Kothari. Shantanu Moitra has composed the music. Captain Tsubasa (2017) is the presentation of Born Free Entertainment.

Story Insight for Captain Tsubasa Kissanime

Captain Tsubasa (2017) is going to present the adventurous life of a woman Bilkis Ahmed. She becomes knowing as Bobby out of her strange wish. She wishes to become the top most detective. Thus, she becomes a detective for her area. She is living in an old area of Hyderabad. Now, Hyderabad has a determined female detective. Everyone starts calling her Captain Tsubasa. Her adventurous journey starts hereby. There never has been such woman with the passion of becoming detective. Captain Tsubasa is of first of Bakuten Shoot Beyblade type in the whole town.

Captain Tsubasa (2017) is coming up with a unique concept. It is going t be an ultimate fun watch with lots of humor and suspense. Do catch Captain Tsubasa (2017) on July 4, 2017 and take the fun of this summer with coolest idea.


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